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If you are buying a house or refinancing one, the lender will require an appraisal by their appraiser. We are not able to help there. However, if you want to know what it will appraise for before applying for a loan or refinancing use a VALUCHEK® to get that information if you have had our appraisal in the past 3 years.
When you have a refinance appraisal done and the value is too low (or too high) for your liking contact us about a review of the report. Some companies allow a challenge to the report that we can help with.

Property Tax Adjustment
You cannot appeal your property taxes but you can appeal your assessment. This must be done between when you get notice of your assessment (usually January) and April1st. To start the appeal you complete a form available from your Township, Boro, or City. To support your appeal you should get a PERSONAL APPRAISAL®. It will be developed to show the value on October 1st, the day the assessment is made.
In most cases you must show that the assessment is high by 15% but in a revaluation year the 15% rule does not apply. Remember that an assessment is not the same as market value. Ask us about the ratio to apply each year. We can help with the decision to appeal or not. A 15% reduction in assessment may mean a 15% reduction in taxes so a valid appeal is generally worth it.

Estate Executor
Either a PERSONAL APPRAISAL® or a VALUCHEK® can be used to establish the value of residential estate property. Our work is timely, accurate, and accepted by the courts.

Selling Property
If you are selling property you should know how much it is worth before offering it for sale. If you are using a real estate sales company the salesman will often do a Comparative Market Analysis to arrive at a selling price. As the salesman is interested in getting the listing contract this estimate may not be impartial. An impartial appraisal is a valuable investment in the selling process. We recommend getting an appraisal and working with your broker to establish the appropriate list price and strategy.
If you are selling your self or with limited help then it is imperative that you get use a PERSONAL APPRAISAL® to build your selling strategy. It will show your not only the likely selling price but also show you some of your competition.

Buying Property
Especially when moving to a new area it is important to know the value of a property before making an offer. We can expedite the process to give you the information you need quickly.

PMI Removal
The go-go days of rapidly rising values are gone but for those who have paid down their mortgage amid stabilizing prices it is possible to reduce your mortgage payments by removing the PMI (insurance) payments when your mortgage falls below 80% of the house value. Use a PERSONAL APPRAISAL® or a VALUCHEK® to prove to the mortgage company that the drop below 80% has occurred so they can cancel the mortgage insurance and reduce your payment.

In establishing value for divorces we will act as third party impartial appraisers. The report is produced for both parties and sent to both parties. It is preferable that each party pay ½ the fee. While we will support the appraisal in the process (hourly fee applies) we do not take work from or to support one parties position.

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